New Hair Styles For 2009 – Keep One Step Ahead in the Fashion Game

As the years go by, it’s difficult to keep up with the times. Keeping ahead of the fashion game can sometimes feel like a downhill struggle, especially when we don’t get it right. Everyone’s had that embarrassing fashion mishap, at least once right? Let’s take a look at some of the new hair styles for 2009 and take one step forward – not two steps back.

It’s true, that you can keep all your old clothes and eventually – everything comes back into fashion. What old hairstyles will we see returning this year? 1940’s retro fashion is ‘in’ right now. Sophistication is what’s seen down the catwalks. Fabulous kinks and updo’s, these hairstyles are high maintenance.

Don’t have the patience for these high upkeep looks? Don’t threat, there’s always something that will suit you – it’s just finding it. On the other end of the sophistication scale, ‘bed head’ – fluffy curls, kinda of an unkempt look is very popular and fashionable.

What colors going to be hot this year? Red’s coming back – BIG, from strong copper tones to the deeper pink colors.

Side sweeps, blunt fringes, layers and the bob are becoming extremely popular – no huge changes here. Short short crops will be the look to keep an eye out for – predicted to make a massive comeback by the hair industry.

Still unsure on getting some fashion credibility? Pop down to your local hairdressers and ask for some advice, they understand the fashion game more than anyone. You don’t have to go for any big changes, having layers might just give you the edge you’ve been looking for.

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